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The Penguins of Madagascar - The Helmet

The Penguins of Madagascar - The Helmet

Watch The Penguins of Madagascar - The Helmet online full movie.

Kowalski has invented a helmet that turns thoughts into actions, essentially granting the wearer the power of psychokinesis, which he dubs "the Helmet". While the penguins are playing with its power, King Julien notices it and becomes incredibly jealous. Late that night, Julien steals it and claims it as a crown to use its power for himself. Now with unparalleled powers, King Julien fires Maurice, now no longer needing his services since the Helmet now provides everything he needs, and continues to abuse the Helmet's power for himself. However, upon setting its power to 10 (the highest), Julien's thoughts and words become reality and cause chaos in the zoo until it eventually creates a tornado of telekinetic objects. In the end, however, the penguins separate the helmet from King Julien's head, ending the telekinetic madness (but at the same time burning off all his head hair) and Maurice returns to serve King Julien by giving him his old crown back to hide his baldness.



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